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Product Description Price Quantity Total
PRO PLUS Package New York City, NY $ 129 1 $ 129
Setup Fee $ 100 1 $ 100
Total $ 229

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ADD-ON Description Period Price ADD
Additional Voicemail BoxAdditional Voicemail Box
This service adds an additional voicemail box to our clients package. Clients might add another employee or division to their company and require a dedicated and custom voicemail box. Our clients want to present the best image by adding a voicemail box, then creating a tailored-made message for that new employee or division.
Monthly $10
Additional 100 Call Block Premium AnsweringAdditional 100 Call Block Premium Answering
Receive a block of 100 Live Premium Answering calls at a discounted rate. As our clients business grows, adding 100 Live Premium Answering calls to their original Live Premium Answering call package is both a cost savings and simple to do.
Monthly $50
Fax Number with Forwarding to EmailFax Number with Forwarding to Email
Receive a uniquely assigned fax number and get facsimiles via email in PDF format. Our Clients faxes are not forwarded manually, but automatically. This services qualifies when you need to provide a fax number to receive fax communications, such as from the government.
Monthly $12
Mail Forwarding*
*Cost and handling charges may apply.Mail Forwarding
Our customers provide a mail forwarding address and a pre-arranged schedule for sending mail we receive to them. When we forward mail and regularity is determined by the client; therefore, our staff will collect, store and then forward mail as prearranged. Cost and handling charges may apply.
Monthly $20
Suite DirectorySuite Directory
Company name listed in the property directory.
Monthly $15
411 Local Phone Directory Assistance Listing Service411 Local Phone Directory Assistance Listing Service
Our clients can be found when people are searching for them through the third-party 411 service. Through this additional service, our clients Virtual Offices of NYC assigned phone number and business address can be listed with the local 411 Directory. A one-time setup fee, plus monthly listing charges apply.
Monthly $25/Setup