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Standard Live Answering

The Standard Live Answering Service is for the business owner who wants there calls answered and messages sent to them. To clarify, this service provides a live message-taking receptionist that forwards all your messages to you using text or email. Noteworthy, with the Pro Plus package the Standard live message-taking service is an option, first and foremost, the Pro Plus Premium find-me follow-me service (defined below this paragraph) is the option that you’ve purchased. For example, if for any reason you can’t speak with people on any given day, as a result, you must ask the receptionists to switch to live message-taking to fit your needs. 

How It Works

To explain how it works, firstly, with live message-taking our receptionist will answer your calls in you company name. Secondly, she will identify who is calling and what the caller is about. The caller will be informed that their message is being sent to you, consequently, they should be hearing from you soon. Importantly, our receptionist will type of the message and send it tp you which you have a choice of text message or email. Lastly, you will decide when to get back to that caller at your convenience.

Virtual Offices of NYC provides a business address, mail and phone answering services for small to large companies.

We’ve been in business since 2010 and our BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating is a testament to our success.

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