Virtual Office Services

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Business Address

Use our business address service and have a physical location in New York City. In addition, use your location for contact information and letters, packages, etc.. Our mail receiving staff will handle your business mail.

This Business Address is ideal for the startup, small or expanding businesses that want to project a professional image. While having a low overhead our you can rev up your marketing efforts in New York City without signing a long-term commitment. Notable, your agreement is for 3-months then defaults to a month-to-month.

Courier Package Receipt

With our Courier Package Receipt Service you business address will have a staff location to receive Federal Express, UPS, etc.. Weight and size restrictions do apply. The office is regularly open from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Eastern Time Zone).  When receiving your packages, our staff notifies you of its arrival. Lastly, the package shall be handled as it was discussed when the account was established. Furthermore, be assured that our staff will handle with care!

Mail Pickup

You can collect your mail in person at no charge with our Mail Pickup Service NYC. Have your mail prepared for pick up by calling ahead to schedule a time and then coming to the facility. The Virtual Offices of NYC mail staff is available to call and check on the mail. Our staff is regularly available from 9:00am to 5:00pm excluding holidays.

Mail Forwarding

You can have your mail sent to a designated forwarding address when you sign-up for our mail forwarding service NYC. The designated forwarding address will be defined when the account is setup. Also, you will dictate when we forward your mail as well. We collect, store and forward mail as a service; in addition, type of forwarding and frequency is determined by the client. We have an array of forwarding options that are detailed when the account is setup. Mail forwarding cost and handling charges apply.

Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA)

Virtual Offices of NYC is a commercial mail receiving agency registered with the United States Postal Service (USPS). We can receive mail on your businesses’ behalf. Importantly, you are required to fill out a USPS Form 1583. Finally, this USPS Form requires a notary when completed outside our office. Once you complete the form you will be assigned a unique business address for use.

Assigned Local Telephone Number

You can signup for our assigned private local telephone number that is uniquely yours while employing our services. In fact, having a local NYC phone number is important for prestige and growth. We offer clients a local NYC image which is ideal when customers are looking to work with a local business.

Call Auto-Answer

When you are ready to give your company a voice you can add the Call Auto-Answer Service. Firstly, we provide you a local telephone number and the Call Auto-Answering service. Secondly, the Auto-Answering service is for after work hours, holidays and weekends. In addition, the auto-attendant answers your calls in your company’s name and provides up to 6 dialing options.

End-User Experience

Furthermore, a caller can seamlessly be forwarded to an external client number(s)* or get sent to your voicemail box.

However, your voicemail box is setup to send you your voice messages to you using email. Lastly, you will receive an unlimited amount of voice box messages via .wav files attached to your emails.

Custom Greeting

When Virtual Offices of NYC provides your company with the phone answering custom greeting service. The right greeting is heard when your line is answered: your company branding! A Virtual Office of NYC representative sets up the message with one of our professional greetings or we can set it up with the clients’ custom message.

Voicemail Message to Email

Receive voicemails via email as attached .wav file when you subscribe to our voicemail message to email service. You will be saving phone (especially long-distance) charges due to not having to call in to check messages. Furthermore, Messages are pushed out to you via email. To sum up, if the client has email setup on the cell phone, this auto-delivery service gets messages literally to the fingertips!

Call Time Scheduler

Our clients’ calls can be routed one way during business hours (9-5) and another way for after-hours, weekends and holidays using the Call Time Scheduler Service. The forwarding options include; having calls answered by a receptionist from 9 am to 5 pm then calls can be sent to a cell phone from 5 pm to 9 am. Very noteworthy, this is an excellent feature to assure calls that are important to the business are not missed.

Standard Live Answering

The Standard Live Answering Service is for the business owner who wants there calls answered and messages sent to them. To clarify, this service provides a live message-taking receptionist that forwards all your messages to you using text or email. Noteworthy, with the Pro Plus package the Standard live message-taking service is an option, first and foremost, the Pro Plus Premium find-me follow-me service (defined below this paragraph) is the option that you’ve purchased. For example, if for any reason you can’t speak with people on any given day, as a result, you must ask the receptionists to switch to live message-taking to fit your needs. 

To explain how it works, firstly, with live message-taking our receptionist will answer your calls in you company name. Secondly, she will identify who is calling and what the caller is about. The caller will be informed that their message is being sent to you, consequently, they should be hearing from you soon. Importantly, our receptionist will type of the message and send it tp you which you have a choice of text message or email. Lastly, you will decide when to get back to that caller at your convenience.

Premium Live Answering

To be clear, the Pro Plus which comes with the premium live answering service, on any given day, provides you two options for your live receptionist service. Importantly,  your schedule abilities will change from time to time. As a result, Virtual Offices of NY offers you a choice that best fits your needs on a day to day basis.  

Firstly, option 1 is our live message-taking receptionist service (see the full definition Standard Live Answering) that forwards all messages to you through text or email. Secondly, option 2 our live screening receptionist service that answers your calls in your company name and identifies who is calling and why, then, the caller is placed on hold and announced to you. At this point, you have a choice of taking the call; sending it to someone else in your company; or forwarding to voicemail. Lastly, once you make a decision on how to handle the call our receptionist will deliver your request.


To clarify, our services are not outsourced, as a result, our staff is trained and monitored by Virtual Offices of NYC staff. 

Music on Hold

All your callers will hear music when on hold or while waiting to connect with our Music on Hold Service. This is a great way to project the best image, in addition, clients need to be engaged always while contacting a business. Though leaving a caller on hold may be a necessity, having them listen to classical music while on hold shows we care.

Live Message to Cell Phone

Live Message to Cell notification provided by Virtual offices of NYC will have receptionists take callers messages and forward to you via text.

First clients’ messages are taken live by a receptionist; second, the message can be sent by text to phone. For many, a text message is the best way to communicate due to its real-time availability; in addition, they get an alert on the mobile phone. Let us know what your service provider is, and we’ll send you your messages.

Find-Me / Follow-Me

Find-Me Follow-Me Service is a great way to choose who you will spend time speaking to and who you will forward elsewhere. The live receptionist receives a call, there are live efforts to reach the client to forward a call, minimizing missing that important call. A successful person could answer all calls, but having the luxury to pick with whom you speak may be the difference between success and failure. Be sure to speak to the people who can best help your company’s mission.

Virtual Office Services


Our direct call to cell (DCC) will assure you receive incoming business calls with the call forwarding to cell service. After we assign a dedicated local phone number to our client, we route that number DIRECTLY to our clients CELL so that all CALLS ring DIRECTLY to the client. Our system will seamlessly redirect to any number they wish. A One-time setup fee, plus monthly applies fee. Unlimited Long Distance in U.S. Continental.

Upgrade your Pro package with a 100 Standard Call Block Answering bundle. As your business grows, adding a call block to your original Live Standard Answering call package is both cost savings and simple to do. Make sure to get the discounted rate for your billing.

Upgrade your Pro Plus package with a 100 Premium Call Block Answering bundle. As your business grows, adding a call block to your original Live Premium Answering call package is both cost savings and simple to do. Make sure to get the discounted rate for your billing.

This service adds an additional voicemail box to your phone answering package. You might add another employee or division to your company and require a dedicated and custom voicemail box. You want to present the best image by adding a voicemail box, then creating a tailored-made message for that new employee or division.

When you receive mail you can know about it same day using the Standard Mail Scan Service. This service assures you will receive an e-mail with your mail envelopes visibly attached in a scanned document, as a result, you get a birds-eye view of the mailbox contents. The benefit to this is knowing what important mail has come in and determine any changes to its handling, whether you are coming in to pick it up or having the staff mail it out sooner than later.

When you receive mail you can know about it same day with our Premium Mail Scan Service. This service assures you will receive an e-mail with an attachment that was scanned for visibility showing the front of each envelope for identification purposes; and the first page of the contents of the envelope. To have additional pages scanned (beyond the first page of the contents), a 10 cent/page additional charge applies.

Your business should be found when people are searching for you using the third-party 411 Directory Listing Service. With a Virtual Offices of NYC assigned phone number and business address we can provide this service. Be sure to be found when people are searching for you. A one-time setup fee, plus monthly listing charges apply.

Let us setup the fax forwarding to email service and receive a uniquely assigned fax number. You will get facsimiles via email in PDF format. Your faxes are not forwarded manually, but automatically. This service qualifies when you need to provide a fax number to receive fax communications, such as from the government.

People see your business name available when searching for your business. Our directory service provides your prospects or clients a simple way to find you when visiting your building.  As business owners we must provide the simplest way to find us.


We’ve been in business since 2010 and our BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating is a testament to our success. Call us at 212.213.3810.