Having your voicemails available to you wherever you are is vital to any growing business. Being you were unable to answer the call you should know immediately what call you missed. This service will send you an email with the voicemail attached. You listen to the voicemail to decide how important the call was to your company.

Your company will be receiving voicemails to your email inbox. The emails contain a .wav file to click on and listen to the voicemail right from your email box. You will be saving phone (especially long-distance) charges due to not having to call in to check messages.

Furthermore, Messages are pushed out to you via email. Here’s a sample: some of our clients have an email setup on their cell phones, and this auto-delivery service gets messages literally to their phone email inboxes putting their voicemails at their fingertips!

Virtual Offices of NYC provides a business address, mail, and phone answering services for small to large companies.

We’ve been in business since 2010 and our BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating is a testament to our success.

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