Your company deserves a professional custom greeting for all your future callers to the New York City phone line. We will ensure your company has the proper greeting and is branded with a professional and courteous voice.  As well, you are always welcome to take over the task of setting up your greeting. Either way, our staff and onboarding team are available to assist.

Our post-sales onboarding team ensures a Virtual Offices of NYC  voice mail specialist records your customized greeting a short time into the setup process. This is a great way for us to assist with a quick and professional setup process. By us taking on this responsibility it saves time and ensures a certain level of branding for your company. We are proud and grateful for this responsibility and are 100% sure you will be satisfied with our customer greeting service. 

The option is always available for you to setup your own greeting in a timely fashion. We recommend letting us do it while you decide the best way to move forward. Whether we do it or you do it, we will be there ready to assist.

Virtual Offices of NYC provides a business address, mail, and phone answering services for small to large companies.

We’ve been in business since 2010 and our BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating is a testament to our success.

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