The Graybar Building Pro Package (420 Lexington Avenue New York City, NY)


When your business is ready for live answering service, forward your business number to us and we’ll answer your calls.


How It Works

Virtual Offices NYC is registered with the USPS as a Commercial Mailing Registered Agency. You must complete a Form 1583 for the United States Postal Service. Then you will receive a professional business address for your marketing collateral, mailings, courier items and legal paperwork.

This package is mail service only, so, additional charges exist for mail forwarding. Our mail pick up is available for free during office hours. In addition, you may upgrade your package at any time as your business needs change. There is no long-term contract, to clarify, the initial term is 3 calendar months. When the 3-months ends, consequently, your agreement will convert to a month-to-month status.

Call Auto-Answering

Firstly, we provide you a local telephone number and the Call Auto-Answering service. Secondly, the Auto-Answering service is for after work hours, holidays and weekends. In addition, the  auto-attendant answers your calls in your company’s name and provides up to 6 dialing options. Furthermore, a caller can seamlessly be forwarded to an external client number(s)* or get sent to your voicemail box. However, your voicemail box is setup to send you your voice messages to you using email. Lastly, you will receive an unlimited amount of voice box messages via .wav files attached to your emails.

Live Receptionist – Message Taking Service

To clarify, we provide a live message-taking receptionist service that forwards all messages to you through text or email. Firstly, our receptionist will answer your calls in you company name. Secondly, she will identify who is calling and what the caller is about. The caller will be informed that their message is being sent to you, consequently, they should be hearing from you soon. Importantly, our receptionist will type of the message and send it tp you which you have a choice of text message or email. Lastly, you will decide when to get back to that caller at your convenience.


To clarify, our services are not outsourced, as a result, our staff is trained and monitored by Virtual Offices of NYC staff. Our live answering packages the Pro and Pro Plus come with the amount of calls you choose during purchase. In addition, the smallest block of 100 calls comes with the Pro Standard (live-message-taking) and Pro Plus Premium (Find-Me Follow-Me) Packages. However, you can add calls to you package by purchasing our Standard and Premium call blocks which are a part of our add-on suite of services. For package and billing purposes all live answering is calculated using  the number/volume of calls moreover we do not count minutes. Very important, if you wish to upgrade to a new package or add a call block midmonth due to company need we are flexible enough to do that for you.


For example, you have a 100 calls are part of your live answering package then you get 100 calls midmonth, consequently, you will be paying $1 a call thereafter unless you add a 100 call block. As a result, we will allow you to add-on the 100 call block, therefore, you will be receiving the discounted rate rather then paying a dollar a call till the end of the month.

Importantly, all your calls are answered Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in the eastern time zone. In addition, our receptionist staff is versed in your company description and US-based.

*All domestic calls to the 48 continental United States of America are included. International calling rates apply on a country by country basis for all long distance minutes.

About Us

Any questions about the Virtual Offices of NYC Pro package can be answered by our staff. Our sales and Support staff prides ourselves on service and availability to our clientele. If you have any questions about: business addresses, mail receiving and forwarding, or phone answering services, call us at 877-943-2774.

If you would like some quick answers to our common questions, visit our FAQ page. We’ve been in business in NYC since 2010 and our BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating is a testament to our success.

To ask call for help with our packages our Hour of operation are 9am – 5 pm Eastern Time Zone. Though rare, if you reach our voicemail during these hours, please leave a message with your company name, number and reason for the call and we will respond to your request promptly. 877-943-2774

Virtual Offices of NYC takes your business very seriously! If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us.

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